Particle physics at home

If, while spending more time at home, you develop a desire for more particle physics in your life, look no further. You can learn all about the weird world of subatomic particles by browsing through the information below.

Dive into the structure of the standard model. Expand your physical vocabulary. Create a science craft. Even take a virtual tour of Fermilab!

Explanations, videos, public talks, interactive web pages: there’s a ton to explore, so the next time you’re wondering, “How do do you capture a neutrino? you will be just one click away from the answer.


Fermilab YouTube Playlists

Want to get into particle physics? Discover Fermilab’s bountiful menu of playlists and dive into the subject that excites you – quantum physics, cosmology, relativity and more.

This reading list covers some of the most intriguing topics — from the size of our universe and the types of matter in it, to tiny, mysterious particles and the experiments scientists are building to study them.

Discover the strange world of particle physics with this selection of popular lectures presented to the public at Fermilab.

Jump into our Subatomic Stories video series, hosted by Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln, at home.

Science education activities for young people

Take a high school course in quantum computing.

Visit Science Snippets, our growing selection of activities to learn science at home.

Take a virtual tour of our Lederman Science Center and do some science activities at home based on our exhibits, such as: Can you bend light? Can you build a LEGO accelerator? Can you play particle pinball?

Fermilab Arts and home lectures
Connect online to the popular arts and lecture series. Events are available free of charge upon registration through the Arts and Lecture Series online box office.

All things neutrino

What is left to know?

360 virtual tours

Take tours of Fermilab and some of its experiments: Wilson Hall, Muon g-2 experiment, Main Injector particle accelerator, NuMI/MINOS underground research area.

Go for a walk in the NOvA neutrino experimentation area.

Step inside a neutrino detector with the VENu app.

Highlights of Symmetry, a publication on particle physics

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Watch short, engaging videos in the Ask Symmetry video playlist.

Expand your physical lingo with physical vocabulary articles.

Check out the Big Ideas series.

Look inside the LHC.

A Primer: Dark Matter 101.

A primer: Neutrinos 101.

Meet some of the people working on particle physics.

Treat yourself to physics and art.

Make original and clever projects.

Symmetry’s best articles of 2019.

Learn more about particle physics in Latin America.

Meet a scientist or engineer
Get to know the people who are building the international Deep Underground Neutrino experience.

Find out how these people became particle physicists.

Discover the benefits of particle physics

Examples from medicine, homeland security, industry, computing, science and workforce development illustrate a long and growing list of beneficial practical applications with contributions from particle physics.

Particle Physics 101

What is particle physics? And what are the big questions scientists hope to answer?

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